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WPT Global is available to all modern computers and gadgets. You can download and install native versions from iOS (iPhone), macOS, Android, and Windows PC. To register a WPT Global account via the GlobalWPT affiliate program and get unique rewards like a $1,200 welcome bonus, use the following manual:

How to create a WPT Global account

  1. Clean your cookies or use a new web browser
  2. Click on the following link to visit the official  WPTGlobal website
  3. Click on the “Download Now” button in the top right corner

    Download WPT Global
  4. Download and install WPT Global app according to your operating system
  5. Launch the software. Click on “Register”

    Register a new WPT Global account
  6. Enter your email, get a verification code, and click on Verify. Enter WPT777 in the “Bonus Code” field

    Verifying email WPT Global new account
  7. Enter your country, username, and password

    Final step to create a new WPTGlobal account
  8. Send us your username to check your tracking

Reach us to solve any question you may have about the registration process:

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