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WPT Global Bump Up Those Tournament Guarantees upto $20000 GTD

Let’s Bump Up Those Tournament Guarantees

As a [gambling] enthusiast, what’s more exciting than participating in your favorite [game] tournament with a guaranteed prize pool? The answer is simple, seeing the guarantee increase in value the next time you play!

At WPT Global, we are introducing “Let’s Bump it Up,” a unique concept that allows players to increase the guarantee of their preferred tournament. By participating in any of the following WPT Global tournaments and helping us meet the guarantee, you become part of the reason why the guarantee will increase next time:

$55 Lucky Escalator PKO
$22 Daily Escalator Turbo
$110 Nightly Escalator PKO
$110 Sunday Slam
$11 Mini Slam
$330 Grand Slam
Choose any of these tournaments, and once the guarantee is met, we will increase the guarantee by at least 10 percent. Your contribution will help us make the prize pool even more attractive.

Tournament Guarantees

Here are the tournament guarantees for the selected WPT Global tournaments:

$55 Lucky Escalator PKO ($5,000 GTD)
$22 Daily Escalator Turbo ($2,000 GTD)
$110 Nightly Escalator PKO ($5,000 GTD)
$110 Sunday Slam ($50,000 GTD)
$11 Mini Slam ($8,888 GTD)
$330 Grand Slam ($20,000 GTD)
Remember, the guarantee will increase every time the tournament meets its promised goal from June 11 to July 9. By participating and helping us meet the guarantee, you can make a difference in the prize pool and make it even more exciting for everyone.

A guaranteed prize pool is the minimum amount that players can win, regardless of the number of participants. By helping us bump it up, you can make the prizes bigger and better for everyone involved. So, whether you’re fist-bumping or belly-bumping, make sure to join us at WPT Global and help us soar to new heights!

While increasing tournament guarantees can be an attractive proposition for players, it is essential to remember that gambling should always be done responsibly. It’s crucial to set limits on time and money spent on playing and avoid chasing losses. Always prioritize fun over winning, and only gamble with funds you can afford to lose.

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