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Best Progressive Jackpots & Slots for April 2024

Looking for the largest progressive jackpot slots? Look no further! Our jackpot tracker updates live to show you the current value of the biggest jackpots, so you can jump in and join the action at any time. Check out our list of the best jackpot games for players in the below.

About Progressive Jackpot Slots

Best Progressive Jackpots & Slots

Progressive jackpot slots are among the most popular casino games for a reason – they offer the chance to win millions without breaking the bank.

The most popular online jackpot games are available at dozens of casinos worldwide, making it easy to play from anywhere. Plus, thousands of players from around the globe can play the same game and contribute to the prize pool at the same time. Keep an eye on our jackpot tracker above and watch the prizes soar.

Of course, even the largest jackpots won’t keep growing indefinitely. Eventually, a lucky player will hit the winning combination, and it could be you! Need some inspiration? Browse our list of the biggest progressive slot jackpots or check out some of the biggest jackpot wins of all time.

Tips to Win Progressive Slot Machines

To increase your chances of winning a progressive jackpot slot, there are some tips can improve your overall gameplay. Check out our top five tips from our experts on how to play progressive slots.

1. Stick to a budget

It’s essential to decide on a budget before you begin playing any casino game and to stick to it. You don’t want to risk betting money you can’t afford to lose.

2. Bet enough to be eligible for the jackpot

To qualify for the jackpot, some progressive slots require a minimum bet. Make sure you bet enough to be eligible, but still within your budget.

3. Decide what you’re going for

The way you bet will depend on whether you’re going for a big win or several smaller wins. Decide what type of win you want before placing a bet. Sometimes, it may be more profitable to go for smaller wins and win more often.

4. Do your research

Know which game to play and how to play it. Find out which jackpot is about to drop and make sure you know the rules of the slot game. You don’t want to spend your cash on a slot machine that just paid out the jackpot.

5. Determine the volatility of slots

Understand the risk involved in playing a specific game. Volatility is about when you’re expected to win and how often. Knowing the volatility of a slot can help you decide if it’s the right game for you.

The Biggest Jackpot Wins of All Time

The ultimate goal of playing a progressive jackpot slot online is to hit that massive jackpot win. Over the years, there have been several of these life-changing wins. Check out the biggest jackpot wins of all time and some fun facts below.

The top-paying progressive jackpot is Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah is known for its massive payouts and has broken the record for the biggest online slot payout multiple times. The biggest win ever recorded on Mega Moolah was over $22 million.

There was a slot machine in Las Vegas that didn’t hit for over 20 years

The Lion’s Share slot machine at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas famously didn’t hit the jackpot for over 20 years. It became a popular attraction for players hoping to be the one to finally hit the jackpot, which was worth over $2.4 million.

Mega Moolah is often referred to as the “Million Maker”

With its record-breaking payouts, Mega Moolah has rightfully earned its nickname as the “Million Maker.” The game has created more millionaires than any other online slot.

One of the biggest winners played on mobile when he won the jackpot

In 2016, a player won over $11 million on Mega Moolah while playing on his mobile phone. This win is proof that you can hit the big jackpot anywhere, anytime, as long as you have an internet connection and a little bit of luck.

GameBiggest WinCasinoWhenFeatures
1. Mega Moolah€18,915,721Grand Mondial28 September 20184 different progressive jackpots, wild & scatter features, free spins/bonus rounds
2. Mega Moolah$20,057,734Zodiac Casino30 January 20194 different progressive jackpots, wild & scatter features, free spins/bonus rounds
3. Mega Fortune€17,860,868Paf Casino20 January 2013Wild & scatter features, Wheel of Fortune bonus round, up to x5 multiplier
4. Mega Moolah$16,496,060Jackpot City Casino5 April 20204 different progressive jackpots, wild & scatter features, free spins/bonus rounds
5. Mega Moolah$13,615,861Luxury Casino8 May 20204 different progressive jackpots, wild & scatter features, free spins/bonus rounds
6. Mega Moolah£13,212,882Betway6 October 20154 different progressive jackpots, wild & scatter features, free spins/bonus rounds
7. Mega Moolah$12,945,603Luxury Casino5 March 20194 different progressive jackpots, wild & scatter features, free spins/bonus rounds

Different types of Jackpots

Playing at real money casinos, you’ll come across four different types of jackpots, each with its own payout structure and player contribution.

1. Progressive

Each time a player bets on a progressive jackpot slot, a small portion of that bet goes directly to the prize pot. Multiple games can contribute to the same prize pot, resulting in a rapidly rising jackpot.

2. Network

Network jackpots consist of bets placed by players across several different casinos, all contributing to the same prize pot. Think of it as a national lottery, where everyone buys a ticket for the same lottery, but the winner can be from any part of the country.

3. Fixed

Fixed jackpots have a predetermined amount that remains constant, regardless of the number of players or bets placed. This type of jackpot is also called a “cash pot jackpot,” and some slot games offer both a progressive and fixed jackpot.

4. Local

Local jackpots pool together bets made by players at the same casino, with each casino offering its own prize pot. It’s similar to a raffle, where you must be present to buy a ticket and collect the prize if you win.

Progressive Jackpot FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions about progressive jackpot slots:

What are progressive slots?

Progressive slots are like normal slot games, but with one massive difference – there’s a huge jackpot up for grabs. Every time any player clicks “spin,” a percentage of their stake goes into the jackpot pool, which continues to grow until one lucky player wins it.

How do you play a slot machine?

Playing progressive slots is the same as playing normal, non-jackpot slots. All you have to do is select how many lines you want to bet on, what your bet will be, and then spin the reels.

Are they better than standard slot games?

If you’re looking to win big, then yes. Progressive slots offer you the chance to win a life-changing amount of cash in a matter of seconds, whereas a standard slot only gives you the chance to win a maximum prize of up to 100,000x your bet.

What are the odds like?

The odds of winning on a progressive slot are similar to the odds of winning the lottery, but the big difference is that you have more chances to hit a progressive slot jackpot because of the amount of spins you can take during a gaming session.

Which games are better or more popular?

Without a doubt, the most popular online progressive slot game is Mega Moolah, followed by games from Microgaming and NetEnt, which are all well-known for paying out record-breaking amounts of cash.

What are the biggest jackpots?

The Mega Moolah progressive slot has the largest jackpot in the world, which has previously grown to over £13 million. Other large jackpots include the Mega Fortune jackpot, which has previously climbed as high as €17.8 million, and the Arabian Nights progressive slot, which has paid out more than €8 million.

How often do progressive jackpots hit?

It depends on the game. Some hit as frequently as weekly, while others could be less than once a year. Check our jackpot tracker at the top of the page to see how often the average hit is and whether a game is hot or cold.

How do I win at slot machines?

There is no magic formula for winning a progressive slot jackpot – all you need is luck and determination. Remember that the more spins you take, the more chances you’ll have to scoop those millions for yourself!

Are there free progressive slots?

Yes, but you won’t win any real money. The reward will likely be coins for further play. Still, free slots are a great way to try a game out before committing to it and betting your own hard-earned cash. Visit our free slots page to find the best games for you.

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