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Zach Heiman eliminated in 15th place ($11,886)

Zach Heiman eliminated in 15th place ($11,886)

WPT Global Edited

Sunday, October 15, 2023 10:35 PM Local Time

Zach Heiman eliminated in 15th place ($11,886)


Craig Trost opened the action to 110,000, Zach Heiman shipped all in behind him and Hussein Sajwani called the shove from the big blind. Trost let his hand go and the cards were turned up.

Sajwani: A of Spade, A of Hearts, Heiman: A of Clubs, Q of Clubs,

The board ran K of Spade, 8 of Spade, 8 of Diamonds,   9 of Hearts, , Heiman didn’t improve and was eliminated from the tournament. Sajwani stacked nearly 6 million after the hand.

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