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Two Former Chip Leaders Go to War wsop poker event 2024

Two Former Chip Leaders Go to War

WPT Global Editedwsop poker event 2024

Sunday, March 10, 2024 7:45 PM Local Time

Two Former Chip Leaders Go to War

Brian Altman raised from under the gun only to see Men Nguyen come in for a three-bet to 180,000. Altman paused briefly before making the call to see the flop came [6,8s,7s].

Altman led out for 85,000. Nguyen called and watched as the turn brought the 9 of Spade, .

Altman reached for chips again and came back out with a bet worth 150,000. Nguyen paused briefly before going into his own stack and coming back at Altman with a raise to 435,000.

Altman wasn’t immediate in making the call, but he did eventually slide three stacks out into the middle to match the bet and then watched as the river peeled off the A of Hearts, .

Altman waited about 15 seconds before announcing all in and sending Nguyen into the tank. 

After a couple minutes, Nguyen released his hand and Altman let out a big grin to a table mate as he drug in the pot.

Brian Altman – 1,900,000 Men Nguyen – 460,000


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