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The Final Table is Set in the Main Event! wsop poker event 2024

The Final Table is Set in the Main Event!

WPT Global Editedwsop poker event 2024

Monday, March 11, 2024 12:56 AM Local Time

The Final Table is Set in the Main Event!

After a long day of non-stop action, the field shrunk itself down to a final table of 10 players who are on the cusp of a massive victory with just nine other players standing between them and a $257,725 payday.

The final table is no soft spot for anyone remaining with the 10 players combining for well over $10,000,000 in live earnings shared among those that found their way to the finale.

Brian Altman, the start of day chip leader, found his way to the final table with 5,410,000, putting him in 3rd among the final 10. The chip lead at the start of the finale belongs to Soheb Porbandarwala, who is responsible for $1,500,000 of the tables combined earnings. He’ll start the table with 7,275,000.

Sitting in 2nd place to start the final table is Brad Coultas who is essentially tied with Porbandarwala holding 7,250,000 while Hussain Sajwani rounds out the top 3 counts with 5,700,000.

Here’s a look at how the final table stacks up:

Seat 1: Eric Adelstein – 1,200,000 Seat 2: Brad Coultas – 7,250,000 Seat 3: Cero Zuccarello – 980,000 Seat 4: Brian Altman – 5,410,000 Seat 5: Richard Bui – 4,100,000 Seat 6: Hussain Sajwani – 5,700,000 Seat 7: Brian Batt – 2,840,000 Seat 8: Jonathan Seely – 2,095,000 Seat 9: Soheb Porbandarwala – 7,275,000 Seat 10: Adam Greenberg – 2,100,000


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