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The Final Table is Here! wsop poker event 2024

The Final Table is Here!

WPT Global Editedwsop poker event 2024

Tuesday, April 2, 2024 2:56 PM Local Time

The Final Table is Here!

After the elimination of Norton Balber in 10th, the official final table is set. Peter Hengsakul is your current chip leader but multiple players are right on his heels. 

Final Table:

 Seat   First   Last   Chip Count   Big Blinds 
               1  Blaise   Ingoglia                   1,700,000                 21
               2  Giussepe   Pantelao                   3,600,000                 45
               3  Nick   Marchington                   1,500,000                 19
               4  Mario   Colavita                       430,000                   5
               5  Harvey   Alegado                   1,345,000                 17
               6  Jonah   Labranche                   2,300,000                 29
               7  Peter   Hengsakul                   3,700,000                 46
               8  Kevin   Calenzo                   2,200,000                 28
               9  Baurzhan   Akimov                   1,400,000                 18


They are all hunting the Gold Ring and the $192,831 top prize! Stay tuned!


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