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Ruben Holds in Insane Set Up Hand wsop poker event 2024

Ruben Holds in Insane Set Up Hand

WPT Global Editedwsop poker event 2024

Sunday, January 14, 2024 3:39 PM Local Time

Ruben Holds in Insane Set Up Hand

Shawn Wilcox raised under the gun, Josh Boydstun three-bet to 220,000 in early position. Brad Ruben then min four-bet it to 390,000. Paul Works went all in for less than the four-bet. Wilcow folded when it was pack on him and Boydstun re-shipped for about 670,000 and Ruben snap-called.

The players revealed the wild set up hand. Josh Boydstun – kx, kx, Paul Works qx, qx, Bran Ruben ax, ax,

and Wilcox said that he has folded pocket jacks.

The board ran out 10x, 7x, ax, 5x, 2x, to keep the aces ahead and give Ruben even more chips in the double elimination.

Brab Ruben – 3,000,000
Paul Works – Eliminated
Josh Boydstun – Eliminated 
Shawn Wilcox – 740,000

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