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Roses Aren’t Free For Ausmus Jeremy Ausmus

Roses Aren’t Free For Ausmus

WPT Global EditedJeremy Ausmus

Monday, December 11, 2023 4:51 PM Local Time

Roses Aren’t Free For Ausmus

Jeremy Ausmus opened to 1,800 in early position and Jamie Gold called out of the small blind.

Gold checked on the flop of 2 of Diamonds,  7 of Diamonds, and Ausmus continued for 2,000. Gold check-raised to 8,000 and Ausmus called.

Gold sized down to 6,500 on the   turn and Ausmus called. Gold then bet 16,000 on the 7 of Hearts, and engaged in some of his trademark table talk as Ausmus sat in the tank.

“I started with diamonds but I might have made something,” Gold told him. “Definitely have two diamonds in my hand.”

“I have a big hand,” Ausmus said. “I can’t fold.”

Ausmus called and mucked as the 2006 Main Event champion showed j of Diamonds,   for tens full of sevens.

“Everyone sees a few clips from 2006 and things I’m bluffing,” Gold said. “I get good cards like everyone else.”

Jamie Gold

Jamie Gold 130,000 65,500
Jeremy Ausmus 35,000 -29,000

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