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Rcheulishvili Avoids Exit Levan Rcheulishvili

Rcheulishvili Avoids Exit

WPT Global EditedLevan Rcheulishvili

Tuesday, November 14, 2023 12:44 PM Local Time

Rcheulishvili Avoids Exit

Hacine Chatteur opened to 80,000 from the hijack and called when Levan Rcheulishvili jammed for 975,000 from the button.

Levan Rcheulishvili: q of Clubs, q of Hearts, Hacine Chatteur: a of Diamonds,  

It had taken a little bit of time for Chatteur to call to the surprise of his opponent.

Chatteur improved to a set on the q of Spade, j of Hearts,   flop, but the k of Hearts, turn gave the at-risk player Broadway. The 9 of Diamonds, completed the board and the Day 1b chip leader doubled up.

Levan Rcheulishvili 2,000,000 515,000
Hacine Chatteur 600,000 -1,100,000

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