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Rabinowitz Hits the Rail wsop poker event 2023

Rabinowitz Hits the Rail

WPT Global Editedwsop poker event 2023

Saturday, December 9, 2023 8:05 PM Local Time

Rabinowitz Hits the Rail

Darren Rabinowitz was all-in with a severe short stack but got there with J of Diamonds, 4 of Diamonds, against the K of Clubs, 8 of Diamonds, of Luis Marrero on a board of A of Hearts, 9 of Diamonds, 4 of Clubs, J of Hearts, 6 of Clubs, .

“Tens, ace-queen, ace-king,” Rabinowitz then mentioned as he recalled losing with big slick to a scoop by Levon Galstyan.

Right after, Christopher Rickerson jammed for 48,000 with the A of Spade, 8 of Spade, and Jonathan Newman moved all-in over the top holding the 10 of Hearts, 10 of Diamonds, . Rickerson used the old “standing up and getting ready to go” trick and hit the ace-high flush on a A of Hearts, 6 of Spade, 4 of Spade, 5 of Spade, 6 of Hearts, runout.

Rabinowitz eventually jammed the last 9,000 and Marrero called with the K of Diamonds, 9 of Spade, . The A of Diamonds, Q of Spade, of Rabinowitz went down in flames on a K of Clubs, 7 of Hearts, 5 of Spade, 4 of Hearts, 10 of Spade, and he will have to re-enter in one of the remaining starting days.

Luis Marrero 130,000
Christopher Rickerson 100,000
Levon Galstyan 90,000
Jonathan Newman 50,000 -25,000
Darren Rabinowitz 0 -39,000

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