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Prohorovs Bets Out Jachtmann on the River wsop poker event 2023

Prohorovs Bets Out Jachtmann on the River

WPT Global Editedwsop poker event 2023

Friday, November 10, 2023 6:14 PM Local Time

Prohorovs Bets Out Jachtmann on the River

Armin Rezaei raised to 1,500 under the gun and was called by Jan-Peter Jachtmann in the hijack, as well as button Dmitrijs Prohorovs. Johannes Thoni in the small blind then three-bet to 6,500 and all three players called.

Action checked to Prohorovs on the 3 of Hearts, A of Spade, Q of Hearts, flop and he bet 7,000. Only Jachtmann called to see the 4 of Spade, turn.

Prohorovs then bet 12,300 and Jachtmann lifted up his sunglasses and peered across the table at Prohorovs for a minute before committing the chips. The river was the 3 of Clubs, and Jachtmann checked again.

Prohorovs fired out another 10,100 and Jachtmann this time instantly mucked.

Johannes Thoni 130,000 -10,000
Dmitrijs Prohorovs 125,000
Armin Rezaei 80,000
Jan-Peter Jachtmann 28,000 -72,000

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