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Peter Hengsakul Eliminated in 2nd Place ($119,182)

Peter Hengsakul Eliminated in 2nd Place ($119,182)

WPT Global Edited

Tuesday, April 2, 2024 8:59 PM Local Time

Peter Hengsakul Eliminated in 2nd Place ($119,182)

Pretty quickly into heads up play, a few pots were pushed to Giuseppe Pantaleo which left Peter Hengsakul Short when the final hand happened.

After a bet and a raise, all the chips went in the middle and the cards hit their backs with Hengsakul all in and at risk.

Peter Hengsakul: j of Spade, 10 of Hearts, Giuseppe Pantaleo: a of Diamonds, 7 of Hearts,

The 4 of Hearts, q of Spade, 2 of Clubs, flop left Hengsakul drawing slim. He would pick up an open ender on the 9 of Hearts, turn but he would brick on the q of Clubs, river. Hensukal hits the rail after an incredibly impressive run and his second heads up match this series. Not an easy feat to achieve. 

Giuseppe Pantaleo is your 2024 World Series of POKER Circuit Main Event Champion!

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