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Mykailo Lendel eliminated in 13th place ($11,886)

Mykailo Lendel eliminated in 13th place ($11,886)

WPT Global Edited

Sunday, October 15, 2023 10:47 PM Local Time

Mykailo Lendel eliminated in 13th place ($11,886)


Ben Grise opened the action with min-raise and Mykailo Lendel moved all in right as the field approached the break. After some moments Lendel called the clock on Grise.

Grise protested the hadn’t even had a minute to think and the floorman agreed and said in two minutes he would start a clock on Grise.

“You know what, I’m going to suck out on you,” Grise said and called.

Lendel: A of Clubs, Q of Hearts, Grise: A of Hearts, 9 of Diamonds,

The board ran K of Spade, K of Clubs, 4 of Spade, 9 of Spade,   and Grise, did indeed, suck out on Lendel. Lendel was displeased as he left the area and Grise stacked 3 million after the hand.

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