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Miscikowski Gets an Early Christmas Present David Miscikowski

Miscikowski Gets an Early Christmas Present

WPT Global EditedDavid Miscikowski

Saturday, November 11, 2023 8:49 PM Local Time

Miscikowski Gets an Early Christmas Present

Christmas may be 44 days away, but David Miscikowski received an early gift to boost his Main Event stack.

Erguen Sertkan opened to 3,800 from middle position and was called by Miscikowski and Halil Coknez from the hijack and button.

Sertkan continued for 6,900 on the 4 of Clubs, 3 of Hearts, 2 of Hearts, flop and was called by both opponents.

Sertkan fired out another 6,000 on the   turn. This time, only Miscikowski called.

The 3 of Diamonds, river saw Sertkan bet 12,600, leaving him with just over 25,000 behind. Miscikowski was the bigger stack and put his opponent all in. Sertkan snap-called for his tournament life.

Miscikowski had a full house with his 2 of Clubs, 2 of Spade, . Sertkan had ace-high with his a of Spade, j of Hearts, and appeared to have tilted away any hopes of the Main Event title..

Athanasios Kidas 214,000 14,000
Ben Heath 165,000 45,000
David Miscikowski 165,000 55,000
Erguen Sertkan 0 -126,000

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