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Mateos and Little Exchange Raises wsop poker event 2023

Mateos and Little Exchange Raises

WPT Global Editedwsop poker event 2023

Sunday, December 10, 2023 5:28 PM Local Time

Mateos and Little Exchange Raises

With three players seeing a board of 7 of Clubs, 5 of Diamonds, 3 of Clubs, and roughly 7,000 in the middle, Ivan Deyra checked from middle position and Adrian Mateos bet 2,500 from the hijack. Jonathan Little then raised to 7,500 from the cutoff, forcing a fold from Deyra. Mateos raised to 19,000 and Little quickly folded.

Ivan Deyra 156,000 14,000
Adrian Mateos 64,500 64,500
Jonathan Little 46,500 -5,500

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