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Massive Three-Way Confrontation wsop poker event 2024

Massive Three-Way Confrontation

WPT Global Editedwsop poker event 2024

Sunday, March 24, 2024 12:43 PM Local Time

Massive Three-Way Confrontation

Action folded to Srikanth Gundela in middle position who came in for a raise to 60,000. Bruce Volpe made the call one seat to his left before seeing Charles Goelz jam for 404,000.

Gundela tanked briefly before jamming over the top for 720,000 total. Volpe then entered a short tank of his own before eventually calling, much to the surprise and excitement of the table as two of the start of day chip leaders where headed to a runout in a massive three-way preflop all in with both Goelz and Gundela at risk.

Charles Goelz: a of Diamonds, j of Diamonds, Srikanth Gundela: k of Hearts, k of Diamonds, Bruce Volpe: a of Spade, k of Clubs,

The board ran out j of Hearts, 5 of Clubs, 8 of Diamonds, 6 of Spade, 2 of Spade, , keeping Gundela in the lead through all five cards for what almost amounts to a triple up, rocketing Gundela up the counts into the chip lead as Volpe takes a big hit.

Srikanth Gundela – 1,600,000 Bruce Volpe – 720,000 Charles Goelz – Eliminated

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