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Liu Wins With Ladies wsop poker event 2023

Liu Wins With Ladies

WPT Global Editedwsop poker event 2023

Friday, November 10, 2023 8:56 PM Local Time

Liu Wins With Ladies

With several thousand already in the middle, it appeared Wing Po Liu check-raised from early position to 30,000 total on a 6 of Clubs,  8 of Hearts, flop and was called by Ruslan Volkov.

Liu and Volkov checked down on the 7 of Clubs, turn and k of Diamonds, river and Po turned over q of Clubs, q of Diamonds, . Volkov showed a of Hearts, 5 of Hearts, for busted flush and straight draws and Po dragged the pot.

Ruslan Volkov 170,000 170,000
Wing Po Liu 120,000 120,000

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