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Last Break of the Day!

Last Break of the Day!

WPT Global Edited

Sunday, March 31, 2024 8:10 PM Local Time

Last Break of the Day!

The final break of the day is here! That means that registration will be over at the completion of this break and the final numbers will be in. Still up in the air if we will have a definite prize pool and figure on first-place by nights end but the players will be fighting for that bag either way.

A few more familiar faces found their way into the Horseshoe Las Vegas to duke it out for their share of the $500,000 guaranteed prize pool. Adam Hendrix was back in the mix after winning circuit ring #1 a few days ago, Main Event Final Tablaist Asher Conniff is back battling, and online pro Mike Holtz found a seat.

Currently, it still appears that the winner of the Mystery Bounty, John Longowa, is chip leading. He was up big early, took a dip, and is now back in the drivers seat with a stack of about 255,000.

Approximate counts on break: 

John Longowa – 255,000 Stanley Lee – 75,000 Danny Allen – 160,000 Jeff Yarchever – 130,000 Frank Lagodich – 65,000 Sergio Aido – 65,000 Adam Hendrix – 30,000 Mike Holtz – 30,000 Dan Heimiller – 30,000 Asher Conniff – 55,000

Players should be back from break around 8:18 to battle down to the last second at the end of level 15.

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