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King Triton Crashes Into Boat Phil Hellmuth, Poseidon

King Triton Crashes Into Boat

WPT Global EditedPhil Hellmuth, Poseidon

Sunday, December 10, 2023 10:53 PM Local Time

King Triton Crashes Into Boat

Phil Hellmuth, who early today made a grand entrance dressed as King Triton and surrounded by 17 mermaids, was down to just five big blinds and opened to 11,000 on the button with just 8,000 behind. Ori Eshel three-bet on the button and Hellmuth quickly called off to be at risk.

Phil Hellmuth: k of Diamonds, j of Hearts, Ori Eshel: q of Hearts, q of Diamonds,

There was no sweat for the 17-time bracelet winner as the flop landed q of Spade, 6 of Diamonds, 6 of Spade, to give Eshel a boat and have Hellmuth drawing dead.

“Good flop for you,” Hellmuth said as he stood from his seat headed to the runout of a of Spade, 6 of Hearts, .

Ori Eshel 200,000 158,000
Phil Hellmuth 0 0

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