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Kerber Flops a Set to Double Through Orpaz wsop poker event 2023

Kerber Flops a Set to Double Through Orpaz

WPT Global Editedwsop poker event 2023

Tuesday, December 5, 2023 6:54 PM Local Time

Kerber Flops a Set to Double Through Orpaz

Tom Orpaz opened to 10,000 from under the gun and Pedro Chaves called in the cutoff before Kelvin Kerber called on the button.

Orpaz and Chavez checked on the flop of j of Spade, 4 of Spade, 7 of Clubs, and Kerber bet 15,000. Orpaz and Chavez both called. The two checked again on the 9 of Hearts, turn and Kerber sized up to 45,000. Only Orpaz called.

Orpaz checked once more on the 5 of Clubs, river and Kerber bet 110,000 with just a few chips behind. Orpaz raised to put him all in and he quickly called it off.

Orpaz showed a pair of eights with 8 of Hearts, 8 of Clubs, , but it was no good against the set of his opponent with 4 of Clubs, 4 of Hearts, as Kerber earned the double.

Tom Orpaz 550,000 -170,000
Kelvin Kerber 400,000 150,000
Pedro Chaves 390,000

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