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Kenjic and Al Labani Find Their Fate Yulian Bogdanov

Kenjic and Al Labani Find Their Fate

WPT Global EditedYulian Bogdanov

Monday, November 13, 2023 7:04 PM Local Time

Kenjic and Al Labani Find Their Fate

Jovan Kenjic was left short and jammed around eight blinds with king-ten. He was up against the K of Diamonds, K of Hearts, of Hyunsup Kim and spiked a gutshot on the J of Clubs, 9 of Spade, 2 of Hearts, flop. The K of Spade, turn gave Kim a set of kings and no queen came to the rescue on a blank 6 of Clubs, river.

One table over, Hael Al Labani was sent to the payout desk as well.

Yulian Bogdanov opened to 32,000 on the button and Al Labani made it 127,000 to go in the small blind. Bogdanov clicked it back to 227,000 and then called the shove by his table neighbour on the other side of the dealer for what appeared to be 637,000.

Hael Al Labani: A of Hearts, Q of Hearts, Yulian Bogdanov: A of Diamonds, K of Diamonds,

The kicker played on the J of Clubs, 9 of Diamonds, 6 of Clubs, 8 of Hearts, A of Clubs, runout as the rich got richer.

Yulian Bogdanov 2,700,000 400,000
Hyunsup Kim 1,650,000 600,000
Jovan Kenjic 0 -170,000
Hael Al Labani 0 -665,000

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