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Kaylen Lebaron Eliminated in 2nd Place ($127,720)

Kaylen Lebaron Eliminated in 2nd Place ($127,720)

WPT Global Edited

Monday, January 22, 2024 8:03 PM Local Time

Kaylen Lebaron Eliminated in 2nd Place ($127,720)


In a limped pot to a flop of q of Hearts, j of Spade, 7 of Spade, , Denis Lee checked to Kaylen Lebaron who bet 500,000.

Lee quickly called and the turn brought the 2 of Clubs, . What looked like a harmless turn card proved to anything but.

Lee checked again and now faced a bet of 1,000,000 from Lebaron. Lee then check-raised to 4,200,000.

Lebaron took a peek at his stack and then moved all in for just under 8,000,000 total. 

Lee called and the hands were revealed.

Kaylen Lebaron: j of Diamonds, 2 of Spade, Denis Lee: j of Hearts, 7 of Diamonds,

Lee’s two pair was ahead of the unfortunate inferior two pair that Lebaron had caught on the turn.

Needing a deuce to steal away the pot or a queen to chop, Lebaron instead saw the k of Spade, fall on the river, ending his run in 2nd place, as Lee took the title.

Dennis Lee – 29,680,000 Kaylen Lebaron – eliminated in 2nd place

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