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Jeremy Drewery Wins Event #10 For $18,518

Jeremy Drewery Wins Event #10 For $18,518

WPT Global Edited

Friday, April 26, 2024 1:38 AM Local Time

Jeremy Drewery Wins Event #10 For $18,518

The scheduled two day Event #10 ended up being only one day and it was a dramatic one as Jeremy Drewery won his second ring in just 17 days as he came from a final table short stack to win and in the process deny Maurice Hawkins a chance to move into 2nd place all time with a 16th ring. 

Drewery just won his first ring in Grand Victoria in the last circuit stop and has now followed it up with his second. When asked what his secret was he had no answers to explain his hot streak. “I don’t know! It’s crazy.” 

The path to his win was crazy as well as he entered the final table as the 8th biggest stack out of 10 players. But he slowly built his way up and made his way to heads up play where he would face off against Hawkins.

Many onlooking railbirds watched the action with great interest, especially Daniel Lowery who is one of the players tied with Hawkins at 15 rings. The battle would go on for about an hour and a half as Drewery started with the chip lead and held it for much of the duel. But Hawkins did take the lead for a bit and had one chance to end it with pocket sevens up against kx, 8x, but the flop hit Drewery hard with a king and an eight. Hawkins sat down in frustration and prepared to battle more as the shorter stack.

The final hand would be a cooler with a flopped straight vs two pair to confirm the win for Drewery just past 1 a.m.

After he won his first ring in Grand Victoria for over $47,000, Drewery said he was going to use the money to buy his daughter a black jeep with pink outline. Maybe he can buy himself something this time with the $18,518 chunk of change. 

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