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Hand-for-Hand to ITM!

Hand-for-Hand to ITM!

WPT Global Edited

Saturday, February 24, 2024 11:36 PM Local Time

Hand-for-Hand to ITM!


Play was hand-for-hand and quickly hopped into the money!

We even happened to walk by a table that humorously quipped “Does anyone agree to a 156 person chop?” Crickets.

With that, 155 players of Main Event Flight B are in the money for $2,550 and we give the BCF (Bubble Celebration Factor) a score of “Meh 4.2”.

Tiff is on the floor while our fearless Paul is in bed trying to shake off whatever bout of Cherokee (Rio!) Flu he caught. So bare with us!

Highlights –> instant. POKER .org

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