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Four More to Go on Final Break of the Day

Four More to Go on Final Break of the Day

WPT Global Edited

Friday, January 19, 2024 11:25 PM Local Time

Four More to Go on Final Break of the Day

Brandon Herrick leads the field as the end of Day 1A nears 

Just 55 players remain in the field, meaning just four more eliminations are needed to send the final 51 players onto Day 2 and into the money.

Many of the notables in the field have fallen by the wayside including Lexy-Gavin Mather, whose fortune turned against her again.

She flopped a king-high straight and got all in for what would have been a 300,000 chip pot against her opponent’s queen-high straight, only for them to make a running flush to end her day as it started, with a horrific bad beat.

Others that will have to try again in Day 1B Saturday include Robbi Jade Lew, Adam Hendrix, Eric Baldwin, Travis Egbert, Rayo Kniep, Francis Anderson, Brett Murray, Amir Lehavot, and Scott Eskenazi to name just a few.

Meanwhile, those flourishing as the end of the night approaches include this top five:

1. Brandon Herrick – 905,000
2. Wesley Haymond – 570,000
3. Kenneth Hiiose – 505,000
4. Elias Travis – 480,000
5. Vijay Ramani – 466,000

A few more big names still in the field include:

Andrew Ostapchenko – 305,000
Brandon Zuidema – 259,000
Taylor Pollard – 255,000
Marco Johnson – 210,000
Vincent Moscati – 180,000
Victor Paredes – 60,000
Bob Mather – 56,000

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