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Final Table wsop poker event 2024

Final Table

WPT Global Editedwsop poker event 2024

Sunday, April 7, 2024 12:13 AM Local Time

Final Table

The final table has been reached with 12 minutes remaining in Level 21. Guillermo De La Vega takes the chip lead into the final ten.

Brad Coultas and John Colella are the only two ring winners amongst the final table. Coultas won his ring back in 2015 in St.Louis while Colella won his not long ago in Hammond in October,

Players by seat and chip count:
1. Frank Cowan – 570,000
2. Jeffrey Dezort – 375,000
3. Daniel Moore – 575,000
4. Ray Xu – 545,000
5. Guillermo De La Vega – 1,050,000
6. Brad Coultas – 540,000
7. Daniel Johnson – 360,000
8. John Colella
9. Nicholas Pokol – 700,000
10. Nicholas Forlano – 860,000 The top prize that everyone is aiming for is $21,889 as well as a seat to the Tournament of Champions which will be held at the Commerce Casino in Los Angeles on May 22. 

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