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Final Break of the Night

Final Break of the Night

WPT Global Edited

Friday, March 22, 2024 10:52 PM Local Time

Final Break of the Night


The Day 1B session of the Main Event has taken it’s final 15-minute break of the night. 

There are currently 56 players remaining with 54 players going home with a payday. At 55, hand-for-hand play will begin and continue until 54 players remain.

The field is scheduled to play through the completion of Level 17 or until just 36 players remain, whichever comes first.

Shahab Shirazi had built up a big stack earlier in the day and now looks to be the first player approaching the million chip mark.

Here’s some chip counts from around the room:

Shahab Shirazi – 930,000
Jeremy Perrin – 71,000
Roland Israelashvili – 150,000
Anna Antimony – 175,000
Andy Nagy – 390,000
Douglas LeBlanc – 220,000
Russ Jennings – 506,000

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