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Field and Stacks are Growing at Second Break wsop poker event 2024

Field and Stacks are Growing at Second Break

WPT Global Editedwsop poker event 2024

Friday, January 19, 2024 3:36 PM Local Time

Field and Stacks are Growing at Second Break

As the players head out on their second break of the day, the stacks are starting to build, while plenty of others now have no stack at all.

The Thunder Valley Day 1A record is an inevitability at this point with 270 entries, of which 187 remain.

The last few levels saw some interesting hands including a pair involving Roman Shainiuk, who eliminated Lexy-Gavin Mather in Level 2.

Fans of Gavin-Mather would have been happy to see Shainiuk lose a big chunk of his stack when he ran his king-high flush into Anthony An’s ace-high flush, but on the following hand he tripled back up when his ace-eight drew best against ace-jack and ace-king.

As for the chip counts, Steven Gnatovich remains on top through six levels.

1. Steven Gnatovich – 181,600 2. Michael Tomaselli – 175,000 3. Dipanjan Chattopafhyay – 175,000 4. Anthony Augusto – 158,000 5. Daniel Harmetz – 155,000

Other notables:

Cornel Cimpan – 145,100 Jesse Tinsley – 131,000 Ben Underwood – 123,000 Roman Shainiuk – 94,000 Marco Johnson – 78,200 Victor Paredes – 72,200 Bilguun Odgerel – 70,300 Brandon Zuidema – 70,000 Maxwell Young – 67,300 Anthony An – 34,500 Lexy Gavin-Mather – 27,500

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