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End of Registration

End of Registration

WPT Global Edited

Friday, April 12, 2024 9:02 PM Local Time

End of Registration

Registration for Day 1B of the Main Event is now over. The field attracted 190 total entries, of which about 54 remain.

Total entries: 190
Places paid: 29
10% stopping point: 19 players

In the last few levels, Mark Fink was able to collect a good sized pot with a full boat.

A few chip counts of notable players at the end of registration are below. Event #10 winner Amit Srivastava has had a solid day so far as he sits with a large stack. Amit Srivastava – 275,000 (pictured)
Michael estes – 225,000
Aaron Massey – 90,000
Angela Jordison – 62,000
Aaron Flores – 53,000

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