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Elmassih Takes Some From Brandt wsop poker event 2024

Elmassih Takes Some From Brandt

WPT Global Editedwsop poker event 2024

Sunday, March 24, 2024 4:57 PM Local Time

Elmassih Takes Some From Brandt

Kathrine Brandt raised to 65,000 from the lojack and got called by the small blind and Michael Elmassih in the big blind before seeing a k of Clubs, 3 of Hearts, 8 of Diamonds, flop.

Both the small blind and Elmassih checked over to Brandt who continued with a bet of 75,000. The small blind released his hand but Elmassih came along to see the turn bring the  .

Both players checked through, bringing out the 4 of Hearts, river.

Elmassih checked and Brandt paused briefly before reaching into her stack and coming back out with a bet of 225,000.

Elmassih wasn’t quick to make the call, but he didn’t fold right away either. After a moment, he ended up putting in the call and watching Brandt roll over the j of Spade, 9 of Spade, before turning over a winning 8 of Spade, 6 of Spade, as he takes a pot off Brandt.

Michael Elmassih – 1,475,000 Kathrine Brandt – 2,000,000

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