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Dinner Break

Dinner Break

WPT Global Edited

Saturday, January 13, 2024 6:31 PM Local Time

Dinner Break

Adrian Bertini

The field is now at 457 on the 90-minute dinner break. The last few levels were quite eventful as one key saw Adrian Bertini knock down top set with a flopped straight. Watch the hand here on PokerOrg Instant.


Here are some chip counts at dinner break: Dylan Christiansen – 250,000 Adrian Bertini – 240,000 Kim Stone – 225,000 Will Berry – 190,000 David Soskin – 130,000 Mike Martin – 125,000 Simon Webster – 105,000 Rania Nasreddine – 90,000 Miguel Degollado – 70,000 Michael Malone – 65,000 Hayley Hochstetler – 58,000 Allen Kessler – 57,000 Robin Glaysher – 50,000

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