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Defending Champ Continues to Climb Omar Eljach

Defending Champ Continues to Climb

WPT Global EditedOmar Eljach

Friday, November 10, 2023 6:33 PM Local Time

Defending Champ Continues to Climb

Nicolas Sievers opened to 1,500 from the hijack and was called by Omar Eljach on the button and Michal Zimani in the small blind.

Zimani checked to Sievers on the 9 of Clubs, 3 of Diamonds, j of Clubs, flop and he continued for 3,000. Both Eljach and Zimani called.

Action then checked to Eljach on the 9 of Spade, turn and he bet 10,000. Zimani called and Sievers folded.

The 3 of Spade, completed the board and Zimani chekced a final time. Eljach put 28,000 into the middle and Zimani called after a bit of thought. Eljach turned over a of Spade, j of Spade, for jacks and nines and Zimani mucked — awarding the pot to Eljach.

Omar Eljach 175,000 45,000
Nicolas Sievers 82,000 -7,000
Michal Zimani 58,000 -54,300

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