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David Soskin Leads Final Eight After Day 2 of Choctaw Main Event

David Soskin Leads Final Eight After Day 2 of Choctaw Main Event

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Monday, January 15, 2024 1:11 AM Local Time

David Soskin Leads Final Eight After Day 2 of Choctaw Main Event

Day 2 of the Choctaw Main Event was a wild one as 97 players began the day and only eight ended with chips as play went all the way down to the final table.  David Soskin ended as chip leader. He had an eventful day as he began to rise as one of the big stacks in the middle part of the day and punctuated that rise with two tables left when he spiked a set of tens to crack jacks and best ace-king in a three-way all in. He continued that momentum to the final table where he collected multiple big pots to cement his position on top.

Chad Lousberg finished right on his heels with just 300,000 less. He had a more under the radar day as he steadily built a big stack and emerged as a leader at the three-table redraw.

The always dangerous Will Berry finished as the third largest stack, helped in large part to a big hand where he also turned a set of tens to overcome a lower set and set him up as a big stack. As one player put it “The wrong guy got chips”.

Defending Choctaw champion Brad Ruben gave himself a serious chance in the middle part of the day when he he got pocket aces over pocket kings and pocket queens. He kept the title defense dream alive when he doubled on the final hand of the night.

Jon Glendenning, Alex Cruz, Brendon Kaufman and Eric Bunch rounded out the final eight as they each had up and down moments to find their way to the final eight.

Final table by seat:
1. Brendan Kaufman – 1,845,000 (15bb)
2. Eric Bunch – 785,000 (6.5bb)
3. Alex Cruz – 1,860,000 (15.5bb)
4. Chad Lousberg – 7,365,000 (61bb)
5. Will Berry – 5,350,000 (45bb)
6. Brad Ruben – 4,960,000 (41bb)
7. David Soskin – 7,695,000 (64bb)
8. John Glendenning – 3,985,000 (33bb) Play will re-start at 12 noon on Monday, all the updates and player previews will be available on PokerOrg.

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