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Croteau Takes Massive Chip Lead With Quads wsop poker event 2024

Croteau Takes Massive Chip Lead With Quads

WPT Global Editedwsop poker event 2024

Sunday, February 11, 2024 2:04 PM Local Time

Croteau Takes Massive Chip Lead With Quads

A big pot was brewing on the turn as the board read 3 of Diamonds, 7 of Hearts, 7 of Diamonds, 9 of Diamonds, . There was a bet of 120,000 from Gabriel Croteau in the cutoff and a call from Ricky Patel in the big blind as two large stacks were tangling.

The river came the 9 of Clubs, to double pair the board. Patel led out for 140,000. Croteau took a few moments before he jammed all in. Patel snap called by tossing in a one chip call. 

Croteau tabled the nuts with the 9 of Spade, 9 of Hearts, as Patel stood up and showed his beaten k of Diamonds, 6 of Diamonds, flush as he was eliminated just like that and Croteau surged to a massive chip lead with about 170 big blinds. 

The table discussed the hand as Croteau reeled in the mounds of chips and many stated surprise at how the hand went down, especially the final decision to snap-call.

Gabriel Croteau – 2,750,000
Ricky Patel – Eliminated

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