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Ceesvin Runs Into Kings Ceesvin Abraham Abdulla Ceesvin Abraham Abdulla

Ceesvin Runs Into Kings

WPT Global EditedCeesvin Abraham Abdulla Ceesvin Abraham Abdulla

Sunday, December 10, 2023 9:33 PM Local Time

Ceesvin Runs Into Kings

Abdulla Ceesvin opened to 5,000 on the button and Pedro Chaves three-bet to 22,500 in the big blind. Ceesvin called.

Chaves continued for 16,000 on the flop of 5 of Clubs, 6 of Spade, j of Clubs, and Abdulla called. On the 8 of Spade, turn, Chavez counted out a bet of around 30,000 and maneuvered it a bit before placing it back on his stack. He then moved all in for 137,000. Ceesvin called off with slightly less.

Abdulla Ceesvin:  9 of Diamonds, Pedro Chaves: k of Hearts, k of Diamonds,

Chaves was ahead with kings and Ceesvin couldn’t hit his straight as the river bricked off the   to mark his elimination.

Pedro Chaves 350,000 262,500
Abdulla Ceesvin 0 -125,000

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