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Brian Ballentine Eliminated in 12th Place ($23,174)

Brian Ballentine Eliminated in 12th Place ($23,174)

WPT Global Edited

Monday, March 25, 2024 12:13 PM Local Time

Brian Ballentine Eliminated in 12th Place ($23,174)


On a flop reading a of Clubs, q of Diamonds, k of Clubs, with over around a million in the middle, Srikanth Gundela had first action and led out for 1,800,000. Brian Ballentine called to see the turn bring the  .

Gundela led out again, but this time he did so with an all-in. Ballentine entered the tank and seemed torn on his decision but he did eventually end up making the call to set up a one-card runout with Ballentine at risk.

Brian Ballentine: a of Diamonds, a of Hearts, Srikanth Gundela: a of Spade, j of Diamonds,

Ballentine got the awful news that he was in trouble headed to the river and when it came the 9 of Clubs, , offering him no help or improvement, he was pushed to the exit in 12th place for $23,174.

Srikanth Gundela – 14,100,000 Brian Ballentine – Eliminated

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