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Break Time

Break Time

WPT Global Edited

Saturday, March 23, 2024 8:31 PM Local Time

Break Time


The remaining players in the Day 1C field has been sent on a 15-minute break.

This will be the last 15-minute window where late registration is open for entries as once Level 13 begins, overall registration for the Main Event will be officially closed.

The board currently reads 604 total entries with 189 remaining with players dropping as tables continue to break.

Here’s a look at some notable stacks across the room:

Nikki Defrancesco – 300,000
Soukha Kachittavong – 160,000
Jeremy Perrin – 81,500
Ben Alush – 55,000
Dwayne Cathart – 250,000
Anna Antimony – 78,500
DJ Washburn – 317,000
Esther “E-Tay” Taylor – 140,500
VeerabZakarian – 125,500
Daniel Ciancio – 232,000
Thomas Sherman – 360,000
DJ MacKinnon – 216,000
Justin Wolf – 530,000
Mark Close – 106,000
Christian Roberts – 200,000
Alex Gladunob – 490,000

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