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Break Time!

Break Time!

WPT Global Edited

Thursday, March 21, 2024 3:18 PM Local Time

Break Time!


The players in the first starting flight of the Main Event have been sent o their second 15-minute break of the day.

The event has drawn in 194 total entries thus far with late registration and re-entries still available.

There’s some six-figure stacks emerging and we’ve got the defending World Champion of POKER , Dan Weinman, sharing a table with his good friend and the defending Turning Stone Main Event champion, Shaun Deeb.

Deeb caught a double just before the break started.

Here’s some updated and emerging stacks in the room:

Vinny Giuliano – 63,000
Stephen Posa – 132,000
Paul DiMascio – 116,000
Dan Weinman – 62,000
Shaun Deeb – 48,000
Christian Roberts – 60,000
Charles Honkonen – 35,000
Josh Heinzl – 38,500
Nick Torreti, 89,000
Cindy Spier – 52,000
Rudy DiRubbo – 129,000
James Kraetz – 121,400

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